"Danko and treasure map"



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  Small fairy-tale creatures Runics who love to search for treasures got
a treasure map and started their journey for treasure.
In the ruins of an old town's labyrinth, Runics got caught in a trap.
Only one of them escaped. He came to his friend Danko,
handed him the treasure map and asked him to rescue his friends.
Avoiding falling rocks, Danko must collect all diamonds on a level and find a way out.
You can also collect various bonuses and save your friends.
Also, Danko can find three partucularly precious artifacts -
a crown, a bowl and a necklace.
 The game will be interesting for all fans of arcade puzzles.
In three different zones along 90 levels there are different dangers:
predators, a snow cannon, fire, water, ice and plenty of falling rocks.
But you can overcome all of that using your quick wits and items:
a helm (protection from rocks), a rock-breaking hammer, a diving mask.
The adventure is waiting for you !

● 90 levels on 3 different zones
● collecting various jewelry
● rescue his friends
● addressing various puzzles
● bonuses, giving additional opportunities Danko
● beautiful graphics and nice music